LOGET supports its Partners (Final Clients and Suppliers) in the following Industries:  

  • Cement, Building Materials, Mining Projects
  • Power Plants
  • Incineration Plants
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Electrical & Automation Projects
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

LOGET is active in many countries in Africa, Algeria, Arab World, Asia, Europe and Americas.

Since 1987, we are supporting our Partners Worldwide to realize Industrial Projects following the project Phases (or Sub-Phases) as follows:

The Project Definition -> Feasibility Study -> Tendering -> Contracting ->      Project Execution -> Manufacturing & Site Quality Control -> Training Courses and on Site -> Commissioning -> Production Tests -> As Built-Documentation -> Follow Up of the Guarantees and Claim Management  -> then Final Take Over.

Our target is to get Investors and Industrial Suppliers to realize Professional Industrial Projects with a Good Quality and reasonable Cost and Time Schedule with Fair & Professional partners.

Our Concept is based on Professional Work and above all Trust.

Best Regards,

Zurich, September 2015


Mr. Abdel-Kader BENSALEM

Dr. ETH-Zurich

President of The Board of Directors